Murder to Kill or Not to Kill

King’s Assassin is an immersive strategy game where you must constantly stay vigilant against those who seek to dethrone the king. Your goal is to survive by catching the traitors red-handed while the king’s back is turned. Your journey begins by silently approaching the elderly king from behind and striking him when he least expects it, taking his place. However, the king can suddenly turn around, and if he catches you, you’ll face imprisonment.

To anticipate the king’s movements, pay close attention to subtle cues. Typically, the king’s eyebrows twitch just before he turns around. By focusing on the king’s behavior, you can make your move at the right moment and seize his throne. As the new ruler, you will face constant attacks from traitors. It’s up to you to catch them in the act by turning your back on them and sending them to prison. The longer you hold the throne, the higher your score at the end of the game.