Blumgi Slime

The cutest character of recent times, blumgi slime jumping game is here. Your goal is to get the slime character to the finish line by jumping. In this way, you can try all the fun sections from each other. It may be possible to win the game by making the right jumping movements. According to the click intensity, the slime will stretch and jump high accordingly. To jump short, you should press the key a little, to jump long, you should press the key for a long time. Just start playing with a cute character who has the ability to jump. If you want, you can proceed by completing the sections alone. If you want, you can start a 2-person race with a friend or brother. The winner of the section that reaches the finish line will be. Decently entertaining this blumgi slime game is among the most popular browser games of recent times. You can play for free from computer or mobile devices.